APP Install Abuse Detection

Based on the device fingerprint technology and the customized risk management models with the cross-platform and cross-region joint defense technologies, massive device installation base and data advantages of user behaviors, we can assist APP vendors to detect and identify various cheating behaviors in the channel promotion process, so that APP vendors can identify high-quality promotional channels and then maximize the promotion effect.

・Product Features


Inspection of equipment environment:

With our device fingerprint technology, clients can get multiple attributes of operating device and the unique device ID. Even if other hardware information changes, the unique device ID will not be influenced, so that clients can effectively identify the cheating tools such as simulators and other cheating tools.


Cloud rules configuration:

Our rules engine integrates cloud big data, so it is simple to use and flexible for configuration.


Joint Defense Identification:

With cross-industry and cross-field joint defense technology, as well as massive device installation base and user behavior data, we can effectively identify fraud groups.

・Application Scenarios


Activation Settlement :

The APP Install Abuse Detection service can effectively identify cheating behaviors for fake activation and repeated activation via manual click farm, machine click farm, simulator, and other fraud methods.

・Product Advantages


Accurately identify a variety of cheating tools and cheating scenarios with strong mobile bottom-layer anti-cheating technology.


Effectively identify fraud groups with massive SDK installation base and user behavior data as well as cross-platform joint defense.


The rules engine is an industry-leader, which is simple and flexible for configuration and applicable to a variety of channel promotion scenarios.


Flexible data analyzing and reporting.


Quick to access, compatibility and usability. Both iOS and Android are supported.

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