Anti SMS Interface Abuse

Frauds often call a large number of unprotected SMS interface to send messages to specific number, with the main purpose of maliciously consuming SMS channel amount of companies or SMS bombing via SMS interface, which will cause serious brand damage to companies. Our Anti SMS Interface Abuse service can effectively protect the SMS interface so as to guarantee that all messages can send to normal users accurately.

・Product Features


Prevent machine from calling the SMS interface by man-machine identification.


Identify SMS bombers, carry out joint defense of mobile phone numbers, as well as identify and prevent SMS bombing by means of calling many SMS interfaces in same time.


Effectively identify fake numbers, phone number alias and other malicious numbers via phone number identification.

・Application Scenarios


Fraud registration:

Prevent large scale automatic fraud registration by identifying automatic requesting behaviors of machines.


SMS bomber:

Effectively prevent the SMS bomber calling SMS interface in batch through device fingerprint, man-machine identification and joint defense of phone number.


Sensitive behavior defense:

Judge the risk level of SMS authentication code from multiple dimensions in the scenarios such as changing password and second transfer verification.

・Product Advantages


Expert analysis:

Before the protection measures are launched, Our security experts will analyze whether the SMS interface to be protected are vulnerable


Device Fingerprint:

Accurately locate the current attack source, so that attackers cannot hide from our monitoring even if they hide their identity in a variety of ways.


Phone number blacklist:

Our SMS channel protection service will match the phone number requesting SMS interface with our huge blacklist, to identify the fake phone numbers, phone number alias and other malicious phone numbers.


Address location:

An SMS interface relates to two data indicators, IP address and mobile phone number, both have geographical location attributes. We can judge the risk from the dimension of geographic location by mapping GeoIP and mobile phone number registration locations.


Joint defense:

We have protected hundreds of SMS interfaces by now. And with more SMS interfaces joining in our anti-fraud alliance, we can conduct cross-client joint defense for all SMS interfaces.

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