Post-loan Monitoring

This process provides a set of credit risk management services for credit institutions targeting the post-loan management link. By scanning borrower’s new risks, such as loan applications in other platforms, delinquency in other platforms, bad credit records in court, execution records in court, delinquency of student loans, disable mobile phone numbers and changes of borrower’s usual address and work address, it helps clients promptly discover problems that may be detrimental to the repayment timely and adjust collection strategies.

・Product Features


Credit Deterioration Monitoring:

When the borrower on Tongdun client’s platform has new overdue records, contact loss or economic and legal disputes on other platforms also in cooperation with Tongdun, Tongdun will promptly give the customer early warning to help customers avoid the risk of funds loss.


Monitoring of Refinancing to Repay Old Loan:

If the borrower on customer’s platform applies for loans on other platforms frequently during the repayment period, Tongdun will promptly give customers early warning. The customer’s platform needs to re-evaluate the borrower's repayment capacity, and pays more attention to the collection on the borrower.

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